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solutions we provide to our Clients (Dubai)


. I would like to introduce my company and the solutions we provide to our Clients.

. It is an irony that people insure their car every year. But they do not sufficiently insure their own life which is many times valuable than a car

Continental is one of the biggest Insurance Brokers in UAE having tie-ups with most of the Insurance/Investment companies across the country. We provide Insurance (both Life as well as General) and Investments that cater to all the requirements of our prospective and existing Clients. We also do financial planning for our valued Clients.

From our experience, we have seen that general public is not into the idea of investments and are more into spending. Hence it is a must for the earning individual to keep a part of the income in different baskets. There are certain plans which helps them to achieve that.

Moreover, an adequately covered Life Insurance completes the picture. The ultimate aim of this exercise is to make sure that everyone is having a savings as well as financial protection for their family in case of an unfortunate event of retirement/death

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