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Speaking techniques for impactful presentations (Dubai)

Hi all @ Internations! :)

Your voice reveals your true identity to the outside world. It tells people, both directly and indirectly if you are confident, dependable, and intelligent. Or just as powerfully, your voice can make you seem shy, insecure and boring. Your voice not only makes you who you are, but also who other people think you are. Those people deal with you every day. They're the ones who will decide what role you will play in their lives. They will base their decisions on who they perceive you to be, a perception based heavliy on your voice. So if you truly want to change your life and your destiny...change your voice.

I teach speech techniques and give you the tools you can use to dramatically improve the quality of your voice. I do one-on-one and group classes. I also work with people that are preparing for an important presentation and can help in the last moment to give you a few voice warm up exercices and tools you can use and in 20 minutes you can be ready to deliver a fantastic presentation.

I can help you with your speech writing as well.

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