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Stickers or Badges (Dubai)


Hello everyone!!

Time for a new thread from my side. I attended the last event at Cavali and once again the same thought ran through my mind as it had in the previous few events that I had attended, that why cant we have proper badges/name plates instead of our names on stickers? I mean seriously half of the time the sticker gets stuck onto my hair stands and i again have to press it hard againt my arm or my chest pocket so that it won't fall off.
I mean Internations cud invest a little bit in this and save themselves the hassle of printing names again n again and spare us the conscious to effort to keep that sticker on. Similarly like we hand over our chips when we get our drink at the time of exit the badges cud b taken back and if someone looses it they cud charge for making a new one.

What do all you people think "stickers or badges"? OR maybe some other innovative idea from anyone?

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