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Tenants Associations vs. HOA's? (Dubai)

Hi All,

It just occurred to me! in almost every community or building in Dubai, we have the so called "home owners association -HOA-" which is basically a committee of owners that necessarily deals with the building's/community well being and negotiates contracts with developer(s) and services and maintenance companies, and some times come up with some ridiculous rules and regulations that we may or may not like as both tenants and owners ... however, looking at its benefits, in my opinion they sure are great and help make the different communities we live in safer and more attractive ...

However, why there aren't any "tenants" associations?

If we look at the general picture, tenants are protected by authorities such as "RERA" which I'm seriously surprised many of the people I came across don't even know it exists and how to benefit from it!

However, there are many loopholes to the laws in place that don't really offer much protection to tenants on the long run, especially with the problem of increasing rents which is a real problem ... and for me, as I have lived in Dubai prior to the Protected content , I can honestly say that we may be headed to a similar surge in rents, i.e. another bubble! which means insane increases in rents year over year!

you can simply tell your landlord to stick to RERA calculator for rents, but that doesn't buy you more than a year, then the landlord can kick you out and bring someone else! hence we are talking about moving around from one community to another year after year, which is by iteself a problem for tenants and landlords alike!

The government can't simply say rents should stay stable and should only increase every three years for example, because the market determines that!

BUT, the market is a bubble! so what can we do about it?

What if every community builds a tenants association that negotiates with landlord the limits to which they should stick to? an association that could be the reference point to anyone looking to rent real estate in a said community?

Landlords do benefit from people saying "Yes"! but doesn't make sense to say "NO" to the landlord? and with an association that every tenant goes to for advise and protection, this can be a good deterrent to greedy landlords and developers!

I'm just sharing an idea here! it's not crystal clear or anything! just an idea ...

Let me know your thoughts!


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