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The British Italian grocery shop...? (Dubai)

Hi all,

My business partner and I are thinking to open a British Italian grocery shop where people can come buy food products from the British Isles and the Italian peninsula.

Why "British Italian"?
For starters because one of us, me, has spent all his adult life in the UK so I have a strong affinity with the place.
The main drive though is that we want to catch 2 communities in one business model.
The Brits will come for their food but always like Italian food too and the Italians will come for their own food but always like British garb too.

The location is still hush-hush but will be a central one.
People will be able to buy and go but if they like, there will be seats and a range of panini and salads will be served.

Now, the reason why I am posting here is kinda simple: what do you think of this idea? Call it market research if you like....I call it hear it from the horse's mouth.

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