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The future is bright.... (Dubai)


Hi All

Just a quick intro to myself and the company...

Born and bred in the UK, moved over to Dubai and now working for a very reputable company called Fund Advisers

Like most expats, I am sure you have received a barrage of cold calls from Financial Advisers in Dubai.

At Fund Advisers we are unique for the following reasons;

1 - We are determined to bring European, Australian and American standards of advice and servicing to the UAE market.

2 - Being of Swiss origin we have extensive experience in managing client portfolios that match our clients risk profiles whilst aiming to minimize volatility.

3 - As a company we use discretionary fund managers to choose clients funds as opposed to the individual adviser whom is rarely qualified enough to make these decisions.

4 - Our business is built on personal introductions, social media, professional networking and seminars.

5 - All of our advisers take the highest level of professional qualifications.
Many expats work in the UAE for increased career opportunity and the 0% tax environment with the intention of securing their financial future at an earlier stage. It is however easy for time to drift and fall in to the Dubai lifestyle , this is more often than not caused by simply not making time to plan or quite often not knowing where to go for advice or who to trust.

Our job quite simply is to help expats, so that when you leave the UAE, you look back and know their financial situation improved dramatically whilst being offshore. Ideally this will mean knocking time off your working life whilst being young enough to enjoy your success.

There is a whole lot more that can be discussed, if you are interested then do not hesitate to call or e mail me on the details below for more information

Hope your all having a good day


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