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Top 5 reasons why you want to start your own real (Dubai)

1-Maximize the commission split so you earn the most you can without splitting with your company ?
2-Be your own boss and have no-one to answer to for your daily -movements?
3-Recruit your own team
4-Choose your own properties/ investors to work on - no-one dictates?
5-Work with your choice of agents internationally around the globe?

If any of these reasons seem close to home for why you have or are about to start your own real estate company then look no further than Keller Williams. As the platform for your very own success, we are here to solve all your reasons why you want your own business AND in the process offer you much much more. Who has time and hours in the day to close VIP investors, train, recruit and do all the permits, licences needed to open a business? You cant do it all AND make an income at the same time - you are only human. So what do you get if you do this under the Keller Williams platform as your support:

A-Your commission split with us is 92% NET in your pocket - yes its really true
B-You are your own boss, you dictate when you come to the office IF you come at all, what training you attend and which areas you work on
C-You are given the tools, training and systems to grow your very own team in a team
D-Your clients, properties and your leads are YOURS to work on. None else ever gets given your leads even if you choose to be away on holiday or off sick. These are yours forever.
E-You have a network of 142,000 agents around the world with whom to close deals meaning your time is not lost getting on and off planes to go close deals. Your greater family will help you and pay you handsomely.

For more details on all of the above, Im happy to meet you for a personal appointment and explain in more detail why Keller Williams is the only way that your real estate business will thrive, how you can maximise the highest returns in the shortest time. Who wants to work forever? Life is for living too. It shouldnt be all work work!

At Keller Williams we give you back your time for your dreams and your family.

And the extras:

Be a Stakeholder from DAY ONE on any agent that you encourage to join the business wherever they join in the world ( we have Protected content and counting)- yes you DO receive a portion of the commission of their deals forever you have read that correctly!
Receive Training, Development and Mentoring from the Worlds Number 1 Training company - Anyone who has got to the top of their game has not done it alone- they have had advisors, coaches, mentors and this is what Keller Williams Real Estate can offer you to take your business to the next level in our unique Training & Development curriculum if you choose it.

Call me anytime for more information
All my love and full respect
Antowan Abdelmessih
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