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Top 7 reasons to invest Health care in Dubai………..

Dubai’s health care industry will see a quantum leap in the next few years, following the adoption of a strategic plan for the years Protected content by Dubai Health Authority.

1) Population : The population Dubai reached 2.2 Million and it will further increase 3.5 million by Protected content the increase of population will continue to feed demand for infrastructure and services particularly in energy , water ,telecom and technology , housing education which definitely impact the health care industry
2) Compulsory Health insurance in Dubai:-After compulsory health insurance was introduced in Abudhabi, revenue increased in most of the private hospitals. Dubai health care is also expected to follow the same.
3) Growth of Medical tourism: The Dubai government takes initiative to promote Dubai as a tourism Hub.
4) High returns: High quality and efficient hospital can achieve good profit margin.
5) Easy access to Dubai: with the third best airport infrastructure in the world, Dubai is ideal place for medical tourism.
6) Stable economic growth:- the GDP rate of UAE growing and it will continue next 5 years.
7) Issue the visa: To encourage the medical tourism Dubai offer three month medical tourist visa for overseas patients to who wish to take medical treatment from Dubai.

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