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Trip to Fossil Valley? (Dubai)

Hi guys!

Today I am writing you because I would like to propose a trip. I mean, I would like to go in a place and so I ask if you have any suggestions and of course if someone would like to join.

Several weeks ago a collegue told me something about 'Fossil Valley - just beyond the borderline with Oman'. He suggested me to go there but we never do this trip.

Just few days ago, some acquiantences suggested (again) me to go to such wonderful place. Indeed they insisted: "if you will go it worth your while"!!!

So I did a litte research on internet and I found that description: "One place to look is the horseshoe-shaped Jabal Hywayyah, inside Oman just outside Buraimi. Known as 'Fossil Valley' to local residents, it can be visited by saloon car, and without visa, and is one of the best places to fossick for fossils anywhere in the region".

So have you any suggestion? I mean, someone had already been there and could give me an opinion?

There is anybody that are interested in organize a trip to the fossil valley?

In any case let me know what do you intend to do!!!

Thanks for your time!!

Ciao a tutti,

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