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Trying to find an employment.... (Dubai)

Hello everyone who's looking at this post. My name is Danciu Bogdan and i'm trying to find a job opening somewhere in Dubai from about quite few months without any results in the electrical, design, vfx animation fields. I started to give up to be honest at a moment seeing that nobody can guide me at least or point me somewhere where I really can find a job. I tried on many other web pages without having a result. I have 32 years old, living in Romania without having a chance for a future here because I'm to honest with people and I like to guide myself from point A to point B without breaking laws but this is just another aspect of the country I live in that doesn't interest any of you probably. The point is that here in Romania nobody cares if you are smart or honest, or the fact you do your job excellent and many more....Here if you say 3+3=7 you got the job and a good payment each month...and to be honest I'm sick of this, seeing how stupidity succeed each time, each day, every hour. If here, someone's seeing this post and can help me please contact me. I'm an engineer with diplomas, certificates and authorizations achieved with my own knowledge without any help and as I see all these papers proves in here that I can use them as toilet paper, so yes I'm tired getting always promises and fake ideas because i'm straight forward and honest. In the end of this post I will put a link with an animation that I did in my spare time witch was short, proving that even this I can do it without any help, creating something from scratch just in my mind.... Until next time I will let you decide and judge everything I said here and everything you saw. Have a beautiful week all and kind regards from me.

Thank you.

The link with my creation - Protected content Protected content

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