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Tutor / Learning Online Trading of Stocks (Dubai)

Markets are volatile, at the same time there is opportunities to pick up stocks at a good discount.

As I am an investor, but new to stock market. Now looking for someone friendly to help me to learn the basics. Or maybe I know already a bit, so maybe something beyond the basics, to study and learn more by myself.

Not looking for a bank, banker or a broker
Not looking for investor
Not looking for a fund manager

Just looking for someone who is happy to share what he / she has learned on his path, so that I do not need to do the same mistakes!
I do the same by myself, too. I try to help people in areas I have some experience, just out of charity and generosity.

I like to find an easy and simple platform, as a long time UAE resident with an investor visa.

What I could be able to offer is something around my expertise, just please view my profile and ask more.

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