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UNPARDONABLE - Discrimination against Nationalitie (Dubai)

Discriminatory InterNations Dubai Event @ Societe, Marina Byblos against nationalities on 27 Aug Protected content .
- I reached the venue at Protected content and was refused entery by the Societe staff stating that I should have come before Protected content for InterNation event.
- I am Albatross Member and my invite with timing was confirmed - You’re attending - Thu 27 Aug 19: Protected content 28 Aug 03: Protected content @ Byblos Marina.
- The Societe staff and the owner at the gate told me that I can enter only as a couple.
- I then asked them if I could go inside with any single lady entering and they refused.
- Then another gentleman from Phillipine saw three ladies entering and he joined in with them after saying a hello and entered with them, I also asked one of the ladies that if she will come in with me. She agreed and when I was entering, the Societe security and the Owner refused my entry allowing the three ladies and the Phillipine men.
- I objected to this and the Societe owner made a speech to the 15 odd men standing there that only couple will be allowed inside. I asked him to define a couple and he said a man with a women is a couple.
- I asked him that when the three ladies were entering then why were we two men not allowed and he allowed only one man with the three ladies. He said he owns the club and can refuse entry to anyone he feels like ( really in a public area ).
- I asked him why cant two men go inside as a couple, he objected that it is against UAE law and then I had to remind him that as per UAE law only a legally married man with a women is considered a couple. And no man and women are couple if they are not married. He said he owns the club and he will decide the laws and rules here and I can call the police and complain to any one I feel like.
- Requested Societe staff to ask the host Philipp von Zitzewitz, Warmund von Massenbach & Nina Rezec to come out as the Societe staff refused to call the host and said contact them directly.
- The three host can see emails from me from the venue to come out and they never did. They don't have a contact mobile number at the time of the event to address such discriminatory situations.
- Then the owner of Societe allowed men of other nationalities in groups of three men and two enter the club.
- This was witnessed by atlas 15 people at the gate when an Indian husband and wife ( couple was not allowed to enter without any reason ) On my objecting to it I was threatened not to speak to any guests and leave the floor or I would be taken out of the floor. I was not inside the club but at the common area near the lift and told I can call the police or anyone and they don’t care.
- I went down to the reception and asked for the GM of Byblos hotel.
- The Duty Manager Mr Dilip said he was on duty and he will solve the issue.
- I told him how can there be discrimination and a few other people from the top floor who also came down told the duty manager of this nationality bias.
- Mr Dilip said he will call the GM MR NAID or Mr RAID. No one came for 15 min and then I was told and given a hotel card saying, call the hotel number and ask for the GM.
- I told Mr Dilip that when I am standing at the reception why should I call the hotel number and he said that is the only way I can talk to the GM.
- I called that number Protected content Protected content and was told by the operator that she cannot connect me to the GM when I said I am here at the reception. She said she could not see me standing at the reception but then I should speak to the duty manager.
- I went to the Duty Manager Mr Dilip and said why am I going in circles. He said he will only be able to investigate and get back as no one is there at the hotel and he will get back the next day.
- He refused to call the host of InterNations or talk to Societe owner and said I can call the police or do whatever I feel like.
- I left the venue is disgust and would like to bring this to everyone’s awareness when we have a non discrimination law in the UAE blessed by the rulers of UAE how can the InterNations, the UAE society and the public in general accept such indiscrimination.
- Please voice your concern and do not go to SOCEITE, THE BYBALOS and the INterNation events till these issues are addressed as we all in the UAE and at InterNations live and allow all to live without any DISINCRIMINATION OF ANY KIND.

Pathetic state of affair. Is this InterNation policy.

I am surprised that InterNation can associate with clubs which are being racist which is against UAE laws and support them when as an group we promote the interaction of all different nationalities.. I look forward to an action against this club or else I will go to press and go public by Sunday.

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