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Vacation in dubai + job seeking (Dubai)


im on my way to dubai, and as a main memeber of internations in EGYPT CAIRO . i begain to be a part of all the getting together and also creating aside events.

so as i would be free mostly to discover dubai morning around and nights outs , parties and everthing, beside my wonderful friends connections there.
it would be good to know more connection there specially that dubai have a wide different nationalities and languaes.

searching for a work..well may be.,.i already work here n Cairo..but if i got a good chance there matches my career..i would give it a this also should be in mind

so i would love to share my time and interesting with internatioins who would like.

thanks to all internations for reply the post or connecting me directly, i would say i would love to meet u all , but i will do my best :D

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