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Venturing into the unknown.....any advice?? (Dubai)

I have been planning on moving to Dubai for a couple of months now, and despite having family and a couple of acquaintances living in Dubai, you won't believe how difficult I have found it just to get information from them....I think they're worried one day I will just turn up on their doorstep!!!

This is the general feeling I am getting from the many expat forums I have joined:

- It's not easy (near impossible it seems) to get a job whilst outside the country.
- Some recruitment agencies advertise non-existent jobs so they can build up a database of applicants whilst awaiting new job openings from their clients
- Dubai is a very expensive place to live

I am therefore planning on a visit, maybe a month or two to see for myself, and possibly explore opportunities.

Any advice where I could get reasonable accommodation for up to three months, and approximately how much it would cost.

I am a single, thirty-something year old African woman, if any of that is relevant!

Thanks, I look forward to your replies

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