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Want a nursing job in the US? (Dubai)

Looking for nurses who graduated from nursing schools in the Philippines. The candidate must have a Master of Nursing (online or campus-based) OR has a BSN and five years' paid or unpaid post-graduation experience. The candidate must have a valid nursing license in the Philippines, even if not presently working in the Philippines. If the candidate has worked in another country besides Philippines, they must have had a valid nursing license for the duration of their employment. Also, the candidate must take the NCLEX and pass the legally-mandated visa screening process.

Compensation will be the lowest rate, i.e. the market rate for nurses in the applicable specialty in the applicable U.S. market, as determined by the state labor department OR by the nurse's union. For example, a Nurse Practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia who is not in a union will receive about $79,000/year. If that Nurse Practitioner is in a union, then the union will negotiate the wage. After beginning work, this amount is not negotiable by the employer or by the employee or by the union, and there will be no cash raises or cash promotions. The term of employment is a five-year contract.
The jobs are with hospitals in rural and inner-city areas of the U.S., where nurses are in high demand and low supply. The candidate can select amongst the available subcontracts, if a particular region or city is favored.

So let me know of any qualified nurse who wants appreciation for good work, along with a comfortable life in the U.S and payment on time each month.

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