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Have you wanted to be your own boss and start your own business, or perhaps expand an existing business but haven’t had the capital that most business/product launches require? Well, we now offer an outstanding opportunity that has great income potential and everyone can afford.

We lookking for serious dealership and distributorship for MENA region. our manufacturing producing finest water in the world. Natural spring water is extracted from the alpine area of region of Western Georgia.

The most common types of bottled mineral water are the following:

* Mineral water - spring water that has a higher mineral content.

* Purified water - surface or underground water that has been treated for human consumption.

* Spa water - water taken from a spa.

* Carbonated water (sparkling) - treated with carbon dioxide to make it bubbly.

* Spring water.

* Many type of juice

If any one interested on this business kindly drop me an email at Protected content
Or you can reach me on phone Protected content

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