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SALARY: 20 aed / Hour. It is symbolic because we work as an association.

JOB DESCRIPTION: People will have to distribute our product ("Mister Bin") to all beachgoers. This product aims at keeping beaches clean (see our website: Protected content Keep It Clean will personally train all distributors to approach beachgoers in a professional and polite way and deliver a short and impactful educational message while giving Mister Bin. Next to showing "How to use Mister Bin" distributors will highlight the impact of throwing trash in the sand (both for environment and wildlife). The team will also remind the beachgoers of the closest by trash bin, so he/she can later dump Mister Bin in the main trash bin. At the end of distribution, distributors will pick up Mister Bin left on the beach by less careful users. Distributors will be easily identifiable with Keep It Clean outfit. They will wear polo, cap and bag with "Keep It Clean" logo. If interested: Protected content Protected content

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