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What do you call an IN Member that (Dubai)

What do you call an IN Member that expresses their attendance and does not show up on the event day neither advise cancellations?

Dear Fellow Members,

We consuls are working hard to bring you exciting events for us to experience, have fun and grow our network. We are all professionals and IN is not a Facebook that you can like or unlike if your feelings have changed towards a certain event.

The events posted here are not your personal calendar that will not affect anyone if you don't show up, hence it will be good if we exercise a bit of courtesy to organizers.

If you cannot come, please remove your attendance from the event page and we will understand you.

If you said yes , kindly make sure you mean it.

Know that we organizers faces the embarrassment on venue reservations if you don't show up. We face disappointments from Members who worked they way to be available just to meet you.

We post events ahead of time to give you a proper thought on your schedules and manage time.

Consul is a volunteer job , without consuls and ambassadors you wont be able to utilize wisely what your paying for the membership fees and what We only ask is that you show some concern to us.

Please be kind and be responsible to your attendance.

Thank you

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