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What's your idea of a Road trip ? (Dubai)

So I've been thinking - where to or how far into or outside the UAE would you consider it being a "road trip" ?
You know, the long, beautiful, fun, adventurous, exploring sort of journey!
Is it from Dxb into one of the other emirates or maybe touchdown in all the emirates in a single day, although, that would just be toiling for nothing!
Is it all the way into Oman ?
Frankly, i think Ras Al Khaimah - Abu Dhabi is a longer journey than Dxb - Oman borders !

This might seem like I'm hinting there literally isn't much to see, which may or may not be true.
So I ask all you people to give in your valuable inputs on firstly, what you would consider a road trip, and has anybody been on one here!

Please do share your your experiences, ideas, thoughts, feedback on this !
Would love to hear from you guys :)


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