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Disabled expat in Dublin, can't get a car insured!


Dear readers and fellow-expat (or expats to-be!),

Exactly one week ago I moved to Ireland from my home country (The Netherlands) due to a great career opportunity. I am only 22 years of age but bursting with ambition, confidence and general curiosity to see the world, and in this case, the part of the world that is Ireland.

Given the fact that I am in a wheelchair and that I have moved on my own to a city where I do not know a single person, it has been a busy but eventful (joyful) week.. Until now.

Let me explain: as my move to Ireland is a permanent one, I am looking at a second-hand Volvo V70 to purchase in the coming week. Back home I have had a full EU drivers license, almost 4 years of experience (albeit on the right side of the road) and built up to 2 years of no-claim bonus. I have spent my the past week and this entire Sunday to get a quote to insure the Volvo I expect to buy, but literally none of the insurance agencies are able to offer me a quote! Some of the reasons for being denied are 1) not having lived in Ireland for at least one year, 2) not having a 5-year no-claim bonus and 3) despite having a ful EU license, it is a license for the RIGHT side of the road instead of the left. I consider myself to be a rather optimistic person but I am really starting to lose the confidence that I will be able to get a car insured for myself so that I can get myself on the road, literally!

Being alone in another country is difficult on its own, aside from having to depend on a wheelchair too. A car is my only means of real mobility (going where I want to go, when I want to go) and having that mobility taken from me is considered a small personal catastrophe. I am both physically and financially unable to depend on public transport!

I am at quite a crossroad here; if I do not succeed to find any car insurance at all, I am being forced to reconsider my move to Ireland. As you'll understand, that is not a consideration that I want to have to make! What can I possibly do to get me out of this wretched situation? Any advice, experiences or possible solutions (ideas) are welcome.

Thank you all for the help, I sure as hell need it.

Warm regards, Arthur

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