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Find a job in Ireland, living abroad (Dublin)

Good morning,
I am currently working in the Czech Republic, and would like to relocate in a short period of time in Ireland. Two months ago I began to apply CVs to IT positions (Systems) for Dublin and Cork. Although I did not receive too much feedback from the recruiters side, it took my attention be asked about if I was thinking to secure or test a position in Ireland, while I am in the Czech Republic, since the customers they work require from the applicants to be available in the short term to have interviews at our own paid expenses. I told them that there wouldn’t be a problem, from my side to satisfy that requirement, but the fact is when that statement came from 2 or 3 recruiters, it made me think about the difficulty that recruiters "take seriously" candidacies of people like me that are not living on the island, due to it is easier for them to take "more seriously" the candidatures of the competitors that live on the island.
On the other hand, it could be also that my CV was not enough attractive for them, and therefore they did not give me the opportunity.
Is it correct my assumption, when I assume that the process of finding IT work becomes infinitely easier, regardless of the CV level, when you live in Ireland, or on the contrary, this is due to the fact that there is an excess of candidates considering the amount of positions offered and that´s the reason why is not as easy as generally is assumed to find a job?
If it is easier to find the job, what is the procedure to apply for a position when you are not still settled in the island? Apply for positions from the hostel´s wifi, while you wait to be called for an interview in one or other city, maybe sounds crazy, besides to be an uncomfortable way to prepare a technical interview. Additionally considering that if the period of days till you get the OK is extended, somehow you have to have a way of subsistence like a partial job, considering the cost of living in cities like Dublin is quite high.
Best regards and thanks in advance.


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