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Hy Again (Dublin)


Hello Everyone again! I see this is a place where people can get help:)

I wrote it on my previous thread that I am moving to Dublin within a few weeks. I am really excited about it, sure its gonna be awesome. On the other hand I am quiet nervous though, as I come from Hungary, which is Easter Europe, and I heard that Irish people don't really like immigrants, no offence really! I just heard that because the country is full of foreign people who are seeking working opportunity, if you are not Irish, you hardly can get a job. I work as a graphic designer from home, so I can work from almost everywhere, but eventually I would like to get a full time job to blend in the community. I can speak English fluently and have a university degree that is not the problem, but somebody could tell me what should I expect when I arrive in Dublin. I don't know how long I am gonna stay in Ireland but it seems a nice country where people can make and enjoy living. Really no offence I am just a bit nervous about this. Thank you!


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