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Ireland Work-Permits (Dublin)

Hi, All

I needed some advice on the best line of action to take for procuring a work-permit. Here is my situation:

I was in Dublin for the past 6 months on an Intra-Company Transfer and returned 1 week ago. The permit is valid till 30th April.

At the last moment, my company decided that it wants be bring me on board as an Ireland employee (I had an expat contract and was still legally an employee of the Indian entity). I have researched the websites of INIS & DJEI. Here is what I have been able to dig up.

There are three types of work-permits:
1. Inter-company transfer (ICT)
2. Work-permit
3. Green Card

Only the work-permit requires market tests.

In terms of pre-requisites for the company (registrations, ratio of eea/non-eea, ratio of ICT vs. Irish employees, subsidiary/parent, etc.), I don't expect any problems.

In terms of my own candidature as well, I have the necessary qualifications & proofs thereof. I would also fall in a skills shortage category (as specified in Annexure A) and in the salary bracket >= 60K. In addition, I am confident that my employer would fully support me during the process. (As long as our timelines are realistic)

However, we have a small team in Ireland and thus HR has little experience with Ireland immigration.

Now, here are my questions:
What is the best (surest, quickest, easiest; in that order) option for me & my employer?
Is there better assurity with one option that the other?
What sort of timelines should I be looking at?
Is a work-permit better (more assured) even if market tests are required?
If yes, has anyone had any experience with timelines?
If not, what is the best way to approach this?
Are there any issues with getting the employement visa once I have procured the permit?
Are there any other concerns that I have overlooked?

It would be great if you guys and draw on your experiences and help me with some sound advice.

Also, if someone specializes in this area, please feel free to message me directly. Though currently I am not in a position to make any promises.


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