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Jobs in Dublin?

Hi all,
I am an American who moved to Dublin about three months ago. I currently have authorization to work in Ireland, but haven't been able to find any work. I have put in close to 50 or more CVs at multiple places like offices, restaurants, retail stores, and temp agencies both online and in person. I've done follow-ups and had a small handful of interviews. So far, I've got nothing. I have my BA degree in Anthropology, I've had Administrative jobs as well as food service and retail, so I'm pretty versatile.

I was curious as to whether or not there were places that I might not have thought of looking or maybe places looking specifically for Americans or expats? Or if anyone knew of places hiring?

ALSO, I will be going home for the holidays. My fiancee and I budgeted for a prolonged period of unemployment, so there is not a crucial need for immediate placement, but it would be nice to have something for us to come back in January.

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