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Keeping the Flag Flying in Europe (Dublin)


Dear Friends in Ireland,

Many of you will view Brussels as a political centre, for us we view it as a lucrative market for Irish goods and services. It is the third richest region in Europe, has a population of 1.2 million with 229,000 English speakers and yet, you will find few Irish goods on the shop shelves in Brussels.
In April last year, after three years of dedicated, hard work, the Irish in Europe Association (International) aisbl (IEAI) received official recognition by the Belgian State, acknowledged by Royal Decree.
Each year, our Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee in Brussels organises a Parade to mark our National Day of Celebration. To date, we have successfully organised three Parades. Our organisation is run entirely on a voluntary basis and currently receives no external financial support or funding. Most of the Parade costs in previous years were paid for by contributions from members and volunteers, and by small donations received. But we can’t expect the same people to pay the costs every year. We need “a little help from our friends”.
It is very difficult to reach the Irish Diaspora that is widely dispersed in Belgium. Hence we are requesting readers in Ireland and around the world to make their family members and friends living in Belgium aware that we urgently need funds to ensure the Parade is successful. We a want to get the message across that everyone is welcome to participate in the Parade –‘Wear the Green’ and be Irish for the day. We are also appealing to any commercial sector that gain directly or indirectly from our efforts to promote Ireland in the EU Capital or to any business in Ireland that is exporting to Belgium. To date we have generated hundreds of thousands of euro of free publicity to promote Ireland as a holiday destination. IEAI Volunteers in Protected content or participated in some 40 events and wore the ‘Green Jersey’ with enthusiasm to help Ireland in Europe. Even if you can only make a small contribution, it’s enough to make a difference.
Donations can be made in two ways:
(i) by Bank transfer to: IEAI Bank Account No:
IBAN: BE Protected content SPAABE22
(ii) by Credit card via Pay Pal. Donations made through this site are processed using a secure server. Access it by this link on: Protected content or contact Protected content

We have a huge challenge to help Irish companies in a city where the needs of commerce play second fiddle to the EU bureaucracy. We believe with our local consumer knowledge that we can play a major role to help create jobs and secure markets for Irish products and services. It is very important that we foster an enterprise culture and grow our Irish commercial presence in Brussels and in Europe and no doubt there will be benefits for every person in Ireland.
Any support in Ireland with the Parade and to assist our efforts in stocking the shelves of Europe with Irish goods and services would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading this appeal and thanks in advance for whatever contribution you decide to make.

Denis J. Buckley
Saint Patrick’s Day Parade of the Nations and Regions Committee
IEAI - Non-Profit International Association - Registered in Belgium - Charity Number Protected content
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The Brussels St-Patricks Day Parade
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Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Brussels, Belgium

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