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Raising children bi-lingually (Dublin)

Hi All,

I am an expat in Dublin (Dutch), have been living here for 13 years, and never really got to know fellow Dutch (or Flemish) people here.

To my shame, I have to confess that I never felt compelled to do so!

However, now that I am married and have children, I'd like to find some play-friends for my kids, whom are being raised tri-lingually (Dutch/Russian/English).

They are 3 years and 6 months old (boy and girl).

Are there any fellow Dutch people in Dublin with children in same/similar age brackets?

We are in North/West Dublin (D15) and can travel.

Of course, it would not be just for the kids, also for the parents it would be good to meet and make new friends.

Also, if there are others who have experience in raising kids multi-lingually, then we would be happy to share ideas.

Suggestion would be to share/swap children's books, DVDs, etc.

Note, we're not looking for baby sitters or anything, just a chance for our kid(s) to practice their language skills.



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