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my name is Simon and I´m from Germany and you could help me! I´m writting Braizilian people who lives in Dublin as much as i can... because I met a girl on friday night, 4th of September @ 'Auld Dubliner' after we went together to 'Flannerys' Pub.

I have to find her and the only information i have about her is that she is a brazilian girl from Rio, 25 years old and she is working&living in Dublin since 1 Month!

Please help me to find her. It would be perfect if you could share this photo of her with your friends (was made at the 'Flannerys' Pub On Friday night) or if you have a advice where or how i could find her!?

Thanks a lot! Obrigado!

P.S.: I have also a Photo of her, but I can´t post it here

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