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seeking advice with schools and housing (Dublin)

Hi there

we will be moving to Dublin from Bangalore in the next 2 months and wanted some advice on which International schools come highly recommended, especially if they have a middle school IB programme. We have 3 children aged 11 and 12.

Doing a quick search on the web I've come across 2 schools: St Andrew's College & Sutton Park. I'd be grateful for any feed back you can provide (the good, the bad and the ugly!!) on those 2 (or any other for that matter).

We'd also welcome some recommendations as to which areas are best to live in (ideally not too far from the schools) as well as the kind of rent one is expected to pay for a 4/5 bedroom house (urban or rural/semi rural).

I know I may be asking a lot, but any info is more than welcome as we don't know Dublin at all.



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