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Dublin: Transportation and Relocation

With the Irish economy recovering from the economic crisis and a large number of tech firms calling the city their home, Dublin is a popular destination for expats. Read our guide on moving to Dublin for info on districts, transport, and immigration.
Dublin may be situated at the Irish Sea, but the days of arriving by sail boat are long past.

Since Dublin is a coastal city in an island nation, it can be reached via sea. But obviously you will not plan your move to Dublin by way of cruise ship (although that might be quite a festive start to your new expat life). As with every other modern metropolis today, the prime choice for expats and visitors from around the world is air travel.

If you have already read our other articles on the city, you will have noticed the importance of Dublin for Ireland. It will thus not come as a surprise to learn that Dublin Airport is the busiest airport on the island, with 25 million passengers served in 2015. Indeed, both Aer Lingus and Ryanair are based at the airport, while there are three other Irish airlines based in or close to Dublin.

Ever Growing: Dublin Airport

The airport is located north of Dublin proper. It is served by numerous bus and coach services, linking the airport to Dublin and its suburbs, as well as the remainder of Ireland. In 2015, the government announced plans to build a North Line metro, which will service Dublin airport. The metro will not be in service for at least a decade, however, as construction won’t begin until 2021. Please see our article on living in Dublin for further details on public transportation.

Speaking of planning, construction in the airport has been ongoing, on one part or another, for going on 20 years now. The newest addition will be the second runway with construction scheduled to begin in 2017. The project was previously put on hold due to the economic crisis but now — thanks to record passenger numbers and a tendency towards congestion at peak hours — the plans have been re-announced.

Dozens of flights to all six London airports are offered daily, as are connections to all major European airports. There are also regular long-haul flights, especially to the USA. And although the non-EU destination choice is overall more limited, new connections are often added, so it may be possible that your home destination is added in the future if it is not already directly serviced via Dublin airport.

Assistance with Relocation Issues

Obviously everyone will react in different ways to the challenges of expat life and relocating to an area they often barely know. There are now many companies available who help expats move to their new destination as smoothly as possible. If you are interested in assistance, those companies might be a valuable source of help. Your employer might even bear part or all of the expenses, so you should make sure to address this in time!


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