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A small guide to register your car in Germany (Duesseldorf)

Hi all.
Of all the bureaucracy I have faced upon moving to Germany, the only step in which I had some really hard time was registering my italian car as a German one.

Looking back at the whole thing I realize that this was mainly due to the fact that:
1. Most of the people I had to deal with did not speak a single word of english and had very little commitment in understanding my basic German
2. The names of the documents I was advised to ask for did not match with their German name.

Anyway let's start.

1. The first thing you will need is the so called CoC - Certificate of Conformity. This is the english name but in German is "Bestatigung der technischen Daten". There are many workshops around Dusseldorf offering this service for a cheap price Protected content but many of them are unauthorized and they will provide you a useless papersheet. (This happened to me).
My advice is to go to the TUV Workshop in Vogelsanger Weg 6 in Dusseldorf. It will cost you 70€ but they will release you an official paper.
2. You will need the TUV HU/AU Inspection certificate. Again, there are many workshops offering this service but my advice is to refer only an official TUV workshop. If you do not speak a single word of German you can head to the Ratingen workshop in Robert Koch Strasse.Tthe youngest of the two employees speaks an amazing English and during the inspection provided me with plenty of useful advices on the car maintainance. This will cost you Protected content . As your car has not German plates yet, they will not be able to provide you the green front windscreen Plakkette and the rear plate sign. Remember to ask for them at the Traffic Office upon registration!
3. Purchase an insurance. The most popular german website for car insurances is Check24. Unfortunately it does not allow to purchase an insurance for a car you haven't purchase/registered yet. So you will have to look for the insurance that most suites you, insurer by insurer.
Personally I found smooth and quick (though a little expensive) the purchase procedure for Allianz and they provided me right away the eVB. This is very important: you will have to provide the eVB number when you will register your car.
4. Register you car at your district traffic office (KFZ-Zulassungstelle). You will be have to provide all the documents you have been given in the previous steps along with the Anmeldung in your town and the eVB number.. They will provide your new German plates in as long as 20 minutes. Very important: 1. Only cash payment (around Protected content 2. Ask to keep your previous plates, as they might be useful in case you are country of origin you are asked to unregister the car.

I hope this helps :)


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