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Citymonkey... (Duesseldorf)


Does anyone fancy bouldering on Sunday afternoon?

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and limited to very short climbs over a crash pad (called a bouldering mat) so that a fall will not result in serious injury. It's really fun and reminds one of childhood (if you did climb trees or else back then)... and it's good for the physique as well :)

Citymonkey in Essen is a good place for that I guess. I haven't been there myself, but they are one of the largest bouldering halls in Germany, as they advertise.

I am a beginner myself and just had an introduction course for regular rock climbing a few weeks back (with a rope; it was not in Essen). But after that intro session I tried bouldering and liked it very much, though it's not easy...

Just drop me a line if you are interested.


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