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Dusseldorf Scouts - moving to Rhineland (Duesseldorf)

Hello, I read somewhere on the Internations Site that each country has a group of Scouts that answer questions or pitch in with ideas. Any idea where I can find them?

My question is very simple. As an expat, what is the best way to move to Germany. I've been looking at job sites and find that some of the information is conflicting. For example, I've been told that most of the jobs are meant for people that can speak German fluently in addition to fluent English. Yet, I have seen jobs posts that written entirely in English and ask for fluent English speakers. So I need to know what the possibility of moving to Germany is, if I know English fluently and just a smudge of German. Any advice would be appreciated.

I've also heard that employers in Germany are more inclined to hire expats who are already working in Germany.

I'm eyeing the job scene in the BioRiver and BioCologne projects in Rhineland. I look forward to hearing from you.

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