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Engish site or Engish menu in DDRF? (Duesseldorf)

I am new to DDRF and moiving there next week.
Very excited to this new adventure and cultural experience.
Howerver, I am als concerned about my poor language ability, means I do not speak
any German,yet.

Though I am intend to go to school to learn it, but until then I am very handicapped.
Because I am a big gourmande, love gastoronomy, particularly wining and dining
I went thorough several local wine bar or restaurant web site, but no Engish page nor English menu when I actually went there.

DDRF host many trade shows and welcome global guests, but how do they manage the language barriers in those places? Do those international guests eat only sausages and beers at catering services?

And also carious to learn that no web design company propose English page to appeal to international clients?????

Currently I am in Paris, another international city, many hospitality business here
have web site in several different languages, and some shops are restaurants have Japanese or even Chinese speaking staffs. DDRF is known the largest Japanese community in Europe, but fiinding one in Engish is already hard for me,
so I would be very excited if I see those in Japanese.

But anyway, I am very excited this new life in DDRF, and urges me to learn German immediatly before I get lost.

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