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Enthousiasm (Duesseldorf)

Here are some thoughts about politeness and general behavior in our communities, due to an event that took place yesterday:

It was extremely disappointing to stand alone and wait for people who did not show up, first at the Main Station, then on the Xmas Market and at last to have reserve seats for people who neither cancel nor show up.

It's a frequent problem with IN, people sign up, decide not to come but don't sign out.

When it's a party event, it's annoying when the restaurant has reserved a certain space for our group, but outside its even more annoying for the person or the group who's waiting in the cold and rain and no one shows up nor cancels his / her attendance.

Would you do this to your business partners? No? So why are you doing this to people who sacrifice their free time to organize these events?

Have you ever organized a meeting? Booked a table or a room, got maps for everybody? Searched for trains, busses, train connections? Tariffs? Printed out the docs for everybody? Written dozens of emails without ever getting an answer?
Got a little present for everybody?

Then you know how much enthusiasm it takes to be a voluntary.

Thanks for your consideration.

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