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Good Netiquette (Duesseldorf)

Dear all,
many of you search the forum for help, need a local scout, have questions about lessons, taxes, legal procedures, look for a cleaning lady a.s.o.
Many of us try to answer your questions as good as possible, search the net to answer your questions or make phone calls to solve your problems.
Good Netiquette, i.e. the code of conduct of the Internet community, should oblige all of us to say thank you for the help and offers that we get or at least to give an answer to the replies that you get so that we know if your problems have been solved.
We are all voluntaries and some of us make great efforts to help.
So it is not asking too much that you let people know that their help is very much appreciated and if your problem still persists.
Thanks for your consideration.
Comments are very welcome!

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