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How is Krefeld? (Duesseldorf)

Hey people,
There is a possibility that I will take up a job in Krefeld area.
I have no clue of how the place is though. Nothing much comes up when you try to google 'Life in Krefeld'.
I can imagine that compared to Dusseldorf, there would be significantly lesser amount of action going on, but is the place totally crap that I should stay away from? Or is it a cute place with an appreciable amount of night life and 'multi-culti' atmosphere, which I could definitely consider?
P.S: I'd normally go for a WG as I would be totally new to the place (either in Dusseldorf or Krefeld)

Your replies would be well appreciated (knowing that chances of getting a reply on a guy's post is like.......well I cant come up with a rare enough simile :P )

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