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International School Düsseldorf ISD in Trouble ? (Duesseldorf)

International School Düsseldorf ISD in Trouble ?

Hello fellow international teachers,
I came across this article in a local German paper about the prestigious ISD School in Düsseldorf.
A friend translated this for me (SEE BELOW IN ENGLISH) and send me another two articles following the listed links:

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I was planning to apply to the school but now I’m unsure. Are they in trouble? Does anyone local have any information?

Düsseldorf Private School in Distress
The International School of Düsseldorf (ISD) is one of the most traditional private schools in North Rhine-Westphalia, founded in Protected content the American International School of Düsseldorf. More than Protected content from 58 countries currently attend the school in the Kaiserswerth district of Düsseldorf.

But a few months after the 50th anniversary celebration in April, the school is in trouble. The district government of Düsseldorf has begun as a supervisory authority to examine the finances of the school. The government is looking into two issue areas: Was the school following the regulations imposed on publically subsidized schools and what is the relationship between the school and their foundation.
In NRW, private schools are publicly funded if they are considered a substitute schools, meaning they replace a public school. Unlike public schools, they provide curriculum that state schools do not. For example, the entire curriculum at a substitute school is offered in a foreign language. Substitute schools can also charge students tuition and fees to attend the school. To be recognized as a substitute school by the state, certain minimum standards, such as 4.5 hours of German lessons per school year, must be provided to all students.
The question now facing the local government is if the first ten grades at ISD are considered to be a part of the substitute school or are only grades 11 and 12 considered a part of the substitute school. Because the language of instruction at ISD is English and not German, as in all state and substitute schools, and a variety of foreign languages are offered, including German, the question remains if a enough German classes are offered to meet the requirements of a substitute school.
The relationship between their foundation and the school is also being examined. ISD claims membership in this support association is voluntary. However, according to documents available to WELT AM SONNTAG, ISD indicates four conditions for admitting students. One of the points is the membership in the Förderverein Deutscher Internationaler Schulen e.V." is required for admission to the school.
ISD did not respond to WELT AM SONNTAG’s request for a comment on the negotiations with the local government, but school representatives did confirm that, "The current contractual relationships between the parents and the school are currently under scrutiny."
If the government finds that the school was wrongly funded, ISD may be forced to repay the government a large sum of money.

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