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Lesbos: a beautiful tourist destination in 2016 (Duesseldorf)

I have always been fascinated with the unique beauty of Lesbos…when I heard how tourism had taken a drastic drop, due to the negative media coverage in connection with the refugee crisis…
I decided to take action. I came to the island on the June, 2nd Protected content create a promotion video that showcases the beauty of the island, as it is TODAY.

It is totally unfair that the people of Lesbos, after first showing their remarkable spirit in taking care of the hostages and then cleaning up the island, so it would look all beautiful for the tourists to come, now get punished!

The media are very quick to report on anything that goes wrong, but I felt, the world needs to know…what Lesbos looks like today and how uniquely beautiful it is. That’s why I made this video, which you can watch from Tuesday, 21st of June 8 AM central european time, here:

Protected content

Please, help to spread this message by sending this link to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

Should anyone be interested in learning how to take Pictures like this, then this link here is for you:

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My dream is, that not one business owner should be forced into bankruptcy because of what has happened on Lesbos over the last year.

Together we can make it happen. Thank you for your support!!!

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