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Looking for student job! (Duesseldorf)

Hello everyone!
I am moving to Düsseldorf from the first of March with my girlfriend. We are both students at Trier University and are finishing our Masters studies but she got an Internship for 6 months in Düsseldorf.
I am wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas on where I could find some kind of job in Düsseldorf. My English is excellent, my German is B2 and Serbian is my native language. I have a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering and I will finish my Masters in Environmental Sciences soon, I also have a lot of experience with computers. Generally I am interested in any kind of student job or something like that. Ideally, something where a very high level of German is not required but there is room for me to improve my German ;P.
Anyways if anyone has any suggestion where I should look or any kind of tip, everything is welcome

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