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Meeting people in Dusseldorf and surrounding areas (Duesseldorf)

Hello Everybody,

I moved to Germany in January from England.
My partner is German, this is why we decided to make the move as he has a job out here and it was difficult having a long distance relationship.

My German skills are not very good but I am very keen to learn asap! I am self studying for at least 2 hours per day at the moment but still finding it very difficult! :-(

I would love to meet other English/ English speaking people either in Mettmann or Dusseldorf area, to meet up just for socialising and also to help each other out with the language!

It can be very lonely at the moment as not very many people I have met so far speak any English, but I am in Germany so I need to know your language!

Please get in touch if you would be interested!

Thank you


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