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Salsa Interested People in Dusseldorf / Cologne (Duesseldorf)


Hi Everyone
every now and then people post something about Salsa, but then only few show up. The various options explaining this are
1. There are not that many people interested in Salsa
2. The events are not cool enough
3. The publicity is not sufficient (i.e. not all the Salsa interested people here on internations find out about them)
4. Lots go but we don't recognise each other at the events.

In order to mitigate this in the future it would be great to get a show of hands of people who are interested in Salsa events so that we can see what the potential is of us showing up jointly at a Salsa Event or whether other circles are more promising. So if you are up for it in general, please just reply with a "I am in".

Best wishes

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