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is there any IT or sales job in Durban for me


Hello everyone,
I'm Steffen Parzeller from Braunschweig Germany, and I'm looking for a job in Durban. I would like to work again in my field which is the it purchasing department. I currently work for the company new Yorker which is an international fashion company. I work there now for 4 years. I manage for that a lot of it contracts and assets.
Because I know that that field is not that rich in jobs, I would also like to work in the same field on the other side as an it salesman. For that I know a bit of PBX, a lot about mobile phones and mobile and landline contract negotiation.
I would like to work in Durban because my girlfriend is living there.

Thank you for reading. If there are any questions, just let me know. I hope something can work out over this. :)

Kind regards,

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