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Jacques Paillard
"Moving to Tirana was much more seamless when I knew that InterNations would provide me with a fantastic network of expats."
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"InterNations has helped me meet other South American expat women in Tirana."

Living in Durres

As the second largest city in Albania, after the capital Tirana, Durres is one of the economically most important cities in the country. Situated at one of the more narrow points of the Adriatic Sea, Durres is directly across from the Italian ports of Brindisi and Bari. If you are thinking about living in Durres, it's probably a good idea to try and get your bearings, and learn a bit about the city first. A good way of doing this, is by visiting or reading about the city's major landmarks. The Durres Amphitheatre, for example, is a Roman construction that was built in 2AD and a stunning example of the architecture that can be discovered throughout the city, and the rest of Albania. For fans of the less ancient theatre, the Aleksander Moisiu Theatre puts on groundbreaking high quality productions throughout the year.

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    The economic difficulties in Albania since the end of communism have meant that there are few employment opportunities for foreign nationals interested in moving to Albania. Nevertheless, if you’re about to relocate to Albania, read on for useful info on the country, its peoples, the climate and more.
  • Living in Albania

    Albania is still developing basic public services, so expats planning life in Albania should have a private healthcare insurance and take care in which area they live. Read on for more expat advice about transport, healthcare and security in Albania.
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    There are gradually increasing numbers of opportunities for foreign nationals who wish to work in Albania, as the local economy slowly recovers from its collapse following the end of the communist rule. However, there isn’t a well-established community of expats living in Albania yet.

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Moving to Durres

Albania has in recent years become a much more popular place for expatriates to live in, with Durres proving to be a popular choice for travelers to set up a new home. One of the oldest cities in Albania, Durres has been lived in for 2,700 years - it was originally founded by the Greek colonists and named Epidamnos. As an expat living in Durres, you can take advantage of the extensive cultural offerings, with theatres, museums and structures of historical importance in abundance. Moving to Durres can, however, be stressful at first, especially if you are confronted with the Albanian culture for the first time as well. The forums on the InterNations website have numerous posts from expats who have been in similar situations to your own, and who will be more than happy to share their successes and failures to make your own relocation and life abroad much simpler.

Working in Durres

As Albania's main port, the port of Durres handles millions of tons of goods every year from Italy and other European countries, making it one of the most important places for the Albanian economy. A ferry runs every day to and from Durres, allowing people to travel in and out of the country. Because of the shipyard, there are important industrial and manufacturing factories nearby - these factories provide the locals with plenty of work. If you're thinking of working in Durres, but you want to learn the ins and outs of working as an expatriate in Durres first, then you should join the InterNations expat community to browse the forums and learn from other expats’ experiences. The Expat Magazine also has articles specifically aimed at those thinking of working or living abroad, with plenty of information on such topics as taxation, breaking down cultural barriers, and understanding foreign business etiquette.

Jacques Paillard
"Moving to Tirana was much more seamless when I knew that InterNations would provide me with a fantastic network of expats."
Luciana Barros
"InterNations has helped me meet other South American expat women in Tirana."