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Best locations in Khobar/Dammam ?? (Khobar (Eastern Prov.))

Hi everyone,

Thought you might have info or experience with this. Looking for locations or venues that would allow me (a female in Saudi) to carry both activities below without it causing trouble..

1) Carrying a Survey

You'r a female in Saudi (Khobar/Dammam) who needs to give out surveys. It isn't as if we could walk around in shopping malls with our questioniers. So where would you go then? places or venues to approach? Any ideas??

The idea of the survay (so to speak) is to ask 3 questions about happpiness, in which it would instigate a conversation of some sort that would lead to offering free consultations around a mobile App (a module to measure happiness). S, demographically: none really - quite relevant to all. We just need people who are willing to give their time + not get in trouble for being there.

2) Conducting Seminars/ Workshops
Topic: would revolve around inter- connection between people, wisdom of crowds, happiness, inter-dependency and so on. It would be in a form of workshops, discussions, games etc..

Real Goal: Aside from giving something new and free - is to train and get feedback from those experiences, see how these courses pan themselves out - what needs changing or not. Basically soft places who are willing and relaxed to have you come in for an hour or two.. (For example: Abroad, locations that are being approached are: Community centers, youth club, nursing home lol, teens & families etc..)

Question being: What is most suitable places here in Dammam/Khobar that could be approached to give those type of free lectures/seminars? What do they require? How easy or difficult..?

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