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Spanish VISA URGENT inquiry (Khobar (Eastern Prov.))

Dear Expats,

Here is my story: I am a Lebanese dude who wants to enjoy a vacation with old school friends in Barcelona (Spain) this 27June in order to restore some fun and energy into my soul.

Now the problem i realised yesterday (after making all the bookings -coz i never had any isues with VISAs before) is that the nearest VISA appointment that i could get is at least a month from now, IF i am lucky.

What shocked me the most is that VISA appointments to Italy, Australia, France and Germany can be taken like two days from now.

Now here are my questions:

1- why is it that only the Spanish VISAs are so damned overcrowded?
2- is there any possible way to speed up the process?
3- Would i be able to apply for a VISA through Bahrain if i find a nearer appointment?
4-Is there any way i could apply for another shengen country and then go to Spain instead?

Please chip in ideas or tips that may help. I NEEED this trip, for my sanity's sake.

Thank you all for your consideration.


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