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Living in Khobar

Located in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, Khobar is a city in the metropolitan area of Damman. The cultural resorts, together with the modern lifestyle never fail to attract tourists from all over the world. Find out more information about living in Khobar through the InterNations Expat Guide.

Culture and Leisure

There are many things on offer in Khobar for both tourists and the people who live in the city on a permanent basis. One of the more popular activities is riding ATVs on the coast of the Arabian Gulf south of town; however, if you do not speak the language it is advisable to take someone along with you who does, as most of the rental companies are managed by locals who speak little or no English at all.

Khobar has a number of beaches, mostly along the coast south of the city, which is also known as 'Half Moon Bay’. Most of the beaches have designated shaded sitting areas and facilities such as showers, and shower rooms and toilets. A lot of the beaches have been designed for families only, but don’t worry if this doesn’t apply to you; there are beaches suited to everyone somewhere in Khobar.

Two of the most well-known and largest shopping malls in Khobar are The Rashid Mall and The Mall of Dhahran, both of which have a variety of well-known and desirable outlet stores and large food halls. One of the more popular activities at both of these malls are the amusement parks available to all visitors. For families with children, places such as Golf World make for a great day out in Khobar.

Khobar is a very busy place, which may seem intimidating if you are not used to city life, but the local people try very hard as a community to make others feel welcome, and with so much to do and see it won’t take long to get settled and feel comfortable.

Transportation in Khobar

It is advisable to own your own car, or to rent one to get out and about in Khobar. Ordinarily, getting a taxi is always an option in a city, but it is quite difficult to get a taxi in Khobar unless you are staying in a hotel in town; in this case a taxi can usually get to you within 10 minutes. Other forms of transport include buses, bikes and trains. The main train station, as well as the bus station and the largest port in the Persian Gulf, is located in Dammam, which is a 30 minute journey by car from Khobar. The nearest airport is the King Fahd International Airport, 60 km from the city, although some travelers prefer to use the Bahrain airport; Bahrain is directly connected to Khobar through the King Fahd Causeway.

Education in Khobar

Khobar has over 100 schools, including private and public schools, and internationals ones, as American and British schools. Each school provides its own bus services for its students to guarantee them a safe journey to and from school, as well as making it easier for families who are unable to provide transport for whatever reason.

Children in Khobar can start school from as young as age three, and can carry on their education up until the age of 18. It is advisable for parents to sign their children up for school as soon as possible, because the area’s ever growing popularity and economy can prove quite a challenge to get your child into the school of your choice.

The schools in Khobar are extremely well spoken of, and are popular amongst both the locals and people relocating to Khobar who have children who need education placements. One of the more popular schools is the International Programs School Al-Khobar: this school offers educational programs from kindergarten to twelfth grade and is becoming increasingly popular and acknowledged. 

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