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Canadian family of 4 moving to


Hello all,
My husband and I and our two young kids are moving to Edinburgh in the summer from Canada. My husband has an EU passport and so do my I don't imagine he'll have any prob working. We are not miving for jobs but for a new adventure & new life in Europe (I used to live in London & we've travelled lots round the EU but we really want to raise our family in Edinburgh. however we know very little about it...I was wondering if anyone has some tips advise for us on the following as we don't know a single soul there:

~ how is Edinburgh for young kids & families?
~ my husband earns $60k per year in Canada, as I'm not working would the pound eq. be supportable for a family of four on the one income there?
~ as my kids & husband holding EU passports are they entititled to any healthcare coverage in the UK?
~ any other tips would be AMAZING as we plan this exciting move..many thanks!!

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