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Director, Alliance Management (Edinburgh)

We have been retained to identify qualified individuals for consideration for the role of Director, Alliance Management. Please contact me should you be interested or have people in your network who could be. Thank you, Toby.

With in excess of 25 global partnerships, the Director, Alliance Management will maximize the value of the commercial relationships. They will serve as the main source of information regarding deal terms and obligations and will assist project and/or commercial teams to meet their objectives. This individual will work internally to help the Company’s partnerships gain regulatory approval and to ensure all the terms and obligations of the contracts are met; and, if required, will work to regain momentum and performance if partnership revenues start to slide. S/he will provide single point of contact support and will manage and direct alliance governance activities and determine key factors and metrics for measuring alliance health and success. Additional representative responsibilities will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

• Drive the goals of the collaboration and manage the long term relationships between ProStrakan and their partners through all phases of the alliance lifecycle.
• Participate in developing joint alliance vision, goals and collaborative principles (e.g., communication, decision-making, issue resolution).
• Ensure strategies and decisions are implemented at the operational level and that plans and actions are consistent with the alliance strategy.
• Track, communicate and manage key milestones to assure compliance.
• Oversee existing contracts for in-licensed products and ensure optimal support.
• Determine key success factors and metrics for measuring alliance health and success.
• Provide individual team members on alliances with appropriate training and tools to help them make the alliances successful.
• Manage issues and teams, while maintaining and fostering a collaborative working relationship between the parties.
• Recognize and address problems or potential conflicts at an early stage, and support resolution of those issues.
• Provide individual team members on alliances with appropriate training and tools required to assist them in making the alliances successful.

Experience / Qualifications

• Solid prior experience overseeing out-licensed commercial asset alliances.
• Degreed, along with a minimum of 7 years’ industry experience.
• Strong familiarity with, and complete understanding of, the commercialisation of pharmaceutical products.
• Strength in both project management and interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrated ability to influence in a matrixed organization; adaptable and capable of adjusting to varying work styles and cultures, as required.
• Detail and process-oriented with an eye for critical details.
• Capable of managing overall strategy of assigned alliance(s), including creating and maintaining internal alignment and understanding and appreciating the needs and perspectives of the partner company(ies).
• Ability to recognize and constructively address problems and conflicts.
• Excellent communication and networking skills.
• Ability to multi-task and handle numerous complex relationships simultaneously.
• Demonstrated ability to recognize and report on problems and conflicts and to address same, as and when required.

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