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Dear all,

My name is Alice Lusci and I work as Integration Programme Coordinator for the British International School, a school of English in London, accredited by the British Council. I am writing to ask for your advice and I am sure you can help me.

One of our main aims at the British International School is to provide exchange programmes to over 14s students from all over the world. The programme provides our students with the opportunity to experience and participate in a typical day at a British school. Students take part in lessons set by the host school for a half day or more, depending on the availability of the school.

This program allows both sets of pupils to interact and learn from each other. It also provides the opportunity for your students to communicate with native speakers in a language they are studying.
I have a request for Edinburgh and now I am trying to get in touch with secondary schools in the town. The thing is that I am encountering some problems in getting replies.

In London, we have received very positive feedback from many schools and with some of them we established a mutually beneficial professional relationship. They found the programme to be extremely beneficial and rewarding for their students and every year they host at least three of our groups. I'm struggling a little bit to find positive replies from Edinburgh schools and I am asking for your mediation. I will be happy to provide any references you might need.

Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Faithfully,

Alice Lusci

Integration Programme Coordinator

British International School

22, Chiswick High Road

W4 1TE London

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