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Looking for Hosts for International children (Edinburgh)

Would you like to host an International child? Broaden your family horizons? Can you spare up to 4 weekends a year hosting an international child on leave from boarding school?

Would your family enjoy the experience of hosting an international child for a weekend break to share cultures and have fun? Like your best family friends, they join in your family activities and stay in your spare room.

Why do we need Hosts? Our children live at boarding school but each term they have one or two w/ends when they are allowed to leave school. Their school friends go home but our children can’t as it is simply too far. Our Hosts offer them a warm, friendly welcome and a safe, caring environment where they can relax with their local family – their ‘home from home’!

What will you do? Share, learn, enjoy, laugh, enrich ……

Who can be a Host? If you are interested in international children and have a spare bedroom, then you could become a Host.

Getting to know each other. We match our Hosts with children who have similar interests so you all have fun. We share your profiles so you can ‘meet’ in advance and usually their parents want to meet you at the start of school to complete the introductions.

What do we do? Our Academic Families team make all the arrangements and we provide full support 24/7. We cover all your expenses including a £35 nightly hosting allowance.

Our family of Hosts and staff will warmly welcome you to Academic Families.

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